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Live Video is streamed to the internet starting here. A Ubiquiti AirCam Ip Camera outputs a Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) from the edge of Calvert Cliffs, approximately 80 ft above the water. This video stream is sent forward via a Ubiquiti wireless radio (square white box in photo below) to the residence wireless Access Point.  From there it has access to the Internet and is hosted on a 3rd party video server, CamGate.RU, near St. Louis.  When the Live Video page is clicked, the Server provides the stream to the Web Site Viewer using the popular IFrame protocol. 
 Two IP AirCams are attached to the same Pan Tilt mount. One with a normal wide lens  and one with a narrow telephoto lens. Both cams are centered on the same view.   The white box is a WiFi radio transmitting both the cameras and the Pan Tilt Control to this Website.
Pan Tilt control enclosure is pictured below prior to installation on the Cliff.  Electronics include a WebRely Quad on left and a subordinate relay board in the center.  The WebRelay Quad provides an IFrame control panel for the Live Video page.